Premium lens implant surgery East Bronx

Premium Lens Implant Surgery East Bronx

If you are going to be having cataract surgery, you should definitely visit us at our Katz Eye Center. Our board certified ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Steven J. Katz, specializes in premium lens implant surgery East Bronx for cataracts, and laser and refractive surgery.

If you have cataracts, and have lost your vision, you will need to have cataract surgery. The good news is that this is an extremely safe and effective surgery which will use a laser to replace your damaged natural lens with a new man made lens. The lens that is inserted into your eye is called an intraocular lens, and is referred to as an IOL. There are now different types of lenses to choose from when you have cataract surgery. You can either get a multifocal or a monofocal lens. A multifocal IOL can correct both cataracts and presbyopia. This means that cataract patients will no longer need to use reading glasses in order to see clearly. A multifocal lens will allow you to see clearly up close, far away, and in between. This means that most patients who get this type of lens during cataract surgery will totally eliminate their need for any type of glasses. Some patients have an adjustment period after the surgery where they may see rings around lights. This premium lens implant surgery East Bronx is very beneficial for many of our patients because of the freedom it affords them from having to wear glasses, as well as by providing our patients with excellent vision. If you get a monofocal lens implants, you will still need to wear glasses for reading and for up close activities, but your far vision will most likely be excellent. There are also toric lenses which can be used during premium lens implant surgery East Bronx which will correct astigmatism. If you need to have cataract surgery, we hope you will meet with our eye doctor to discuss the different types of IOLs available.

When you need to have premium lens implant surgery East Bronx, we hope you will contact us at Katz Eye Center.

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