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Williamsbridge Eye Implants

Williamsbridge Eye Implants

If you suffer from the effects of cataracts, you may have grown frustrated with the progression of the disease, and the continuing decrease in usable vision you have despite the eyeglasses or contact lenses you wear to improve your sight. At Katz Eye Center, we understand how you feel, and with our lens implant surgery, those vision issues will only be a distant memory.

Typically, cataracts moves slowly, but steadily. The condition occurs when protein deposits form on the outer portion of your natural eye lenses. Eventually, they increase enough in size and quantity for a hindrance to your vision to occur. Special prescription eyewear counteracts that, with varying degrees of effectiveness based on how far the condition has advanced. And while prescription updates are designed to keep pace with the worsening of cataracts, this is not always possible. Many people find that they can no longer do all the things they want and need to, at least to the extent they prefer. If this describes you, then consider our Williamsbridge eye implants as a solution. Since there is no way to remove the cataracts from your natural eye lenses, the lenses themselves are removed, leaving you without the visual obstruction, but also depriving you of focus. That’s where our Williamsbridge eye implants come in. They restore your vision, either just far vision, or at all distances. There are various types of these prosthetic lenses, which are called intraocular lens implants, or just IOLs. In addition to qualifying you for the procedure itself, our eye surgeon will also determine, with your help, which lens implant is best suited to your needs.

The possibilities are very exciting. This is a good time to reach out to our office and arrange an appointment for yourself to come in and find out if you’re a good candidate for our Williamsbridge eye implants.

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